Savvy Sniper Sling - QUAD X Cobra dual QD & HK MS - RH - Black

Savvy Sniper Sling - QUAD X Cobra dual QD & HK MS - RH - Black
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  • Item #: QUADxCobra-DualQD-HK-MS-RH-Black
  • Manufacturer: Savvy Sniper

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The QUAD X (Extreme) Cobra buckle sling is the same single to two point QUAD sling for operators who require a sling with all the functions possible, but with all metal hardware. We upgrade the Nexus hardware with AustriAlpin alloy components.   We use AustriAlpin Cobra quick release buckles and Austri Alpin triglides with these slings.  It is a two finger safety release, no 1 finger accidental release, lock under slight load, very easy to use and smooth all metal alloy 18kN/4,046lbs MBS. kick ass buckle!  This isn’t just a normal sling but the most bomber sling of all slings we could make. This sling was designed for and requested by high end users, where sling failure is not an option.  Extreme cold exposure, heat and sand; Bring it on!  It was also created for those who have an appreciation for and want a high-end quality custom sling to go with their expensive weapons.

A convertible all metal high end sling with larger QD press button swivels and snaphooks on both ends with the one not used hidden with elastic sleeves & Mount N Slot single pt attachment plate.
*(for use with multi. weapons needing different attachments)



Manufactured by Savvy Sniper in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

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