Maxpedition Dual Mag Retention Insert

Maxpedition Dual Mag Retention Insert
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  • Item #: maxped3503b
  • Manufacturer: Maxpedition Hard Use Gear

Product Details:

Panel size: 6” high x 4” wide with hook backing Available colors: Black only

The Dual Mag Retention Insert attaches onto the loop field present in the CCW compartment of a variety of Maxpedition packs. Two retention loops of 2” wide elastic each hold up to two single stack .45 mags or a double stacked mag. The loops works just as well with multitools, flashlights, batons, pepper spray, etc. The Dual Mag Retention Insert can be positioned securely in a position best suited for user within the following Maxpedition products:

#0211 NeatFreak Organizer, #0403 FatBoy Versipack, #0408 FatBoy S-Type Versipack, #0412 Jumbo Versipack, #0413 Jumbo S-type Versipack, #0409 Typhoon GearSlinger, #0410 Monsoon GearSlinger, #0512 Condor-II Backpack, #0513 Falcon-II Backpack, #0514 Vulture-II Backpack, #0601 MPB (Multi-Purpose Bag), #0604 LastResort Tactical Attache, #0605 Operator Tactical Attache and more...

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