Magpul - MOE Forend - Mossberg 590 / 590A1 - MAG491

Magpul - MOE Forend - Mossberg 590 / 590A1 - MAG491
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  • Item #: MAG491
  • Manufacturer: Magpul Industries



As of APRIL 2015:
These have been DISCONTINUED BY MAGPUL and are being replaced now by the M-LOK series of handguards / forends. ALL mag462 & mag491 forends will only accept the standard polymer rail - MOE - accessories & will not accept the new style M-LOK accessories. The NEW M-LOK handguards / forends & accessories do not work with the MOE gear.  So the parts are NOT interchangeable. In other words, a picatinny rail section for the MOE will not work for the M-LOK and vice versa for the M-LOK pic rail section. The MAG462 and MAG491 that we have in stock now (most colors as of May2015) are the only ones we will have.  We are transitioning, as is the entire industry, over to the M-LOK versions as well.  We will have many in stock soon. Please write with any questions.   Thank you.


Product Details

The MOE Forend is a drop-in replacement for the Mossberg 590/590A1* 12ga shotguns, featuring an extended length and front/rear hand stops for improved weapon manipulation. Compatible with MOE rails, mounts, and accessories, the MOE Forend adds modularity to the proven Mossberg platform for sporting use, home defense, or on duty.


Made in U.S.A.



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