ITT AN/PVS-26 Universal Night Sight Long Range Low Profile

ITT AN/PVS-26 Universal Night Sight Long Range Low Profile
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  • Item #: MVP-26328
  • Manufacturer: ITT Morovision Nightvision

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The AN/PVS-26 PINNACLE® is designed for long range, low profile night time applications and features a 120mm refractive telephoto lens design. The PVS-26 can utilize either a single battery, either AA or a DL123 type.

When using a DL123 type battery, the PVS-26 LRLP power system is designed to allow it to operate for several hours on what would be considered an otherwise "dead" DL123 battery discarded from a flashlight or other illumination device. The scope design even allows for the battery to be changed while the shooter remains in shooting position, making the PVS-26 a very effective scope for all types of sniper applications.

Warning: Requires State Department License for export


  • The in-line UNS® LRLP weapon sight adds night capability to the existing rifle & day sight while maintaining low profile.
  • The UNS® LRLP has universal application. It fits most fielded rifles & day sights.
  • Cheek weld, eye relief, & bullet impact, are unchanged when the UNS® LRLP is clipped on the rifle.

Standard Accessories:

  • Shroud wrap
  • Lens cover
  • Base adjustment wrenches
  • Lens cleaning kit
  • KAC Quick attached detach 1913 mount – this is the mount spec for the AN/PVS-22
  • One (1) AA battery
  • Soft Carry Case
  • Technical Manual


Product Specifications:

Generation: 3 (U.S. ITT PINNACLE®)
Resolution: 64 lp/mm (Min)
Film: Thin-Film
Gate: Auto-Gated
Magnification: 1x (Unity)
Field of View: 9°
Objective Lens: 120MM Refractive Telephoto
Range of Focus: 20 Meters to infinity
Boresight Accuracy: > .5 MOA of the day scope point of impact
Boresight Retention: > .5 MOA or better over 300 rounds (.300WM)
Boresight Adjustment: None Required
Battery Type: One (1) AA batteries or (1) DL123 type
Weight: 3 lbs 6 oz's with battery & lens cap
Length: 9.5”
Diameter: 3.0" OD
Finish: Black, Matte Finish, Corrosion Resistant
Mount: KAC 26597 for Quick Attach/Detach to MIL-STD-1913 rail or equivalent mounting surface
Waterproof: 3 ft for 4 hrs.
Warranty: 1 year
Weapons Certification: up to and including .50 caliber rifles.

Performance Model Range Estimates:

Recognize a standing man:
Starlight:     >800m
¼ Moonlight:     >1000m

Detect a Vehicle:
Starlight: >1000m
¼ moonlight: >1500m

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