ITT AN/PVS-22 PINNACLE Universal Night Sight

ITT AN/PVS-22 PINNACLE Universal Night Sight
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  • Item #: MVP-PVS22P
  • Manufacturer: ITT Morovision Nightvision

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The AN/PVS-22 PINNACLE® Universal Night Sight™ (UNS™) is a high-resolution clip-on night vision weapon sight that mounts on any MIL-STD-1913 rail interface forward of an existing scope, adding night vision capabilities to daytime target acquisition platforms. The Universal Night Sight™ (UNS™) utilizes a full MIL-SPEC Gen 3 (autogated pinnacle) OMNI-7 image intensifier tube, a fast f/1.15 catadioptric lens for a brighter and sharper image in starlight, and patented permanent boresight alignment technology. The unit is installed, operated, and removed without tools and without affecting boresight (permanent boresight alignment). The unit can be mounted on a spotting scope for long range reconnaissance, hand-held as a Night Observation Device (NOD), or used in other night-time operations requiring night vision capabilities. The UNS™ includes OSTI’s proprietary Shock Mitigation System™ (SMS™), allowing the unit to be used on weapons up to and including .50 caliber bolt-action rifles. Optimized for medium-range sniper weapons, assault rifles and machine guns including the M110, MK11, M16, SCAR-H, M240, 300 Win Mag, XM107, MK11, .338 Lapua, .308 M24, Chandler, and McMillan Brothers .50 Caliber Bolt-Action Rifle.

The UNS is manufactured with the highest quality Gen 3 PINNACLE®, American made Image Intensifiers and is only available for U.S. Government Sales.

Warning: Requires State Department License for export

Standard Accessories:

  • LaRue Single Adjustable Locking Lever Mount that interfaces to a MIL-STD-1913 rail.
  • Flip Up Lens Caps
  • Batteries - Two (2) AA batteries.
  • Operators Manual- Instructional users guide
  • Lens Cleaning Kit
  • Soft Carry Case

Product Specifications:

Generation: 3 (U.S. ITT PINNACLE®)
Resolution: 64 lp/mm (Min)
Film: Thin-Film
Gate: Auto-Gated
Magnification: 1x
Field of View: 13º
Objective Lens: 68 mm f/1.12
Range of Focus: 10mm to infinity
Boresight Accuracy: within 1 MOA
Boresight Repeatability: within 0.5 MOA
Boresight Retention: Permanent
Boresight Adjustment: None Required
Reticle Adj. Step Size: 0.2 mil
Battery Type: Two (2) AA batteries
Battery Life: 40 hours at 70°F
Weight: 1.9 lbs
Length: 7.08”
Width: 3.0” in Outside Diameter
Height: 2.95" Max Above Rail
Warranty: 1 year

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