ITT 5x Mil-Spec Magnifier Lens

ITT 5x Mil-Spec Magnifier Lens
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  • Item #: ITTA-275095
  • Manufacturer: ITT Morovision Nightvision

High-performance Galilean afocal telescope that easily mounts to the objective lens of many night vision devices. The lens can be threaded or snapped onto the objective lens. Incorporates very fast optics.

NOTE: This is a new modified 5x Magnifier Lens

Warning: Requires State Department License for export

Key Product Feature:

  • Screw-On
  • Waterproof

Supplied with:

  • Optional Snap-On Adapter
  • Flip-Up Objective Lens Cover
  • Removable Rear Lens Cap
  • Carrying Case w/ Alice Clips

Applicable to the following systems:

  • ITT Night Enforcer® NEPVS-14
  • PVS-7 Ultra
  • MV/PVS-7B
  • MV-14P PINNACLE® - Requires 3x/5x/10x Adapter
  • MV-14 Ultra - Requires 3x/5x/10x Adapter
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Price $1,099.00