ITT 3x Magnifier Lens

ITT 3x Magnifier Lens
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  • Item #: ITTA-273482
  • Manufacturer: ITT Morovision Nightvision

High-performance Galilean afocal telescope that easily mounts to the objective lens of many night vision devices. The lens can be threaded into the front objective lens of the PVS-7 type goggle or snapped onto the objective lens of the MV-14 Ultra or PVS-14 type monoculars. The 3x lens incorporates very fast optics (F/1.5) with field of view 13°.

Warning: Requires State Department License for export


3x Magnifier Lens F/1.5. Screw-On, Waterproof. Includes: Optional Snap-On Adapter (works for PVS-14, PVS-7, 6015 & 6010 systems only), Flip-Up Objective Lens Cover, Removable Rear Lens Cap, and Carrying Case w/ Alice Clips. (PVS-7, MV-14, PVS-14, 6010, 6015)

Applicable to the following systems:

  • ITT Night Enforcer® NEPVS-14
  • PVS-7 Ultra
  • MV/PVS-7B
  • MV-14P PINNACLE® - Requires 3x/5x/10x Adapter
  • MV-14 Ultra - Requires 3x/5x/10x Adapter
  • ITT Night Quest® PVS-14
  • ITT Night Quest® 6015
  • ITT Night Quest® 6010
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Price $540.00