HexID - Color ID System - Ammo Indentifier - All Colors

HexID - Color ID System - Ammo Indentifier - All Colors
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  • Item #: HexID-AllColors-4Pack
  • Manufacturer: HEXMAG



HexID Color Identification System is based on the principle that color is the simplest way to mark your magazines. So we incorporated color into our ammo identifier design. Not only does HexID color identification system eliminate the messy task of adding paint or tape, it can be changed in less than a minute. Finding a particular magazine in a mag pouch, gear bag or a storage cabinet has never been easier. The colors may be bright but you can be assured you’re not hanging Christmas lights on your rifle. The HexID blends in perfectly with your lifestyle either at the range or in the woods. HexID is the perfect complement for three gun competitions, prepper storage, law enforcement officers and anyone who uses more than one brand of ammunition or multiple caliber rifles. High visibility, easy to see colors in critical situations. Why risk your gun your life your reputation or family by loading the wrong ammunition. HexID “Safe Color Choices”, all it takes is one minute.

Zombie Green, Lava Red, Panther Pink, Blackout, Hazard Yellow, Nimbus Blue, and FDE.

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